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About Eclect

Our company name gleans from the word “eclectic” which describes an entity who derives an idea from a broad range of sources, someone who thinks differently, looks at all aspects of a question, and is able to effectively find the best solution. As Eclectians we strive to do the same thing, attempting to make the world better through human ingenuity and problem solving, one project at a time.

A photo of Jumar Martin Founder, Many Hats of Eclect

Jumar Martin

Founder, Many Hats

When we started Eclect, we wanted to do things differently; I'm crazy enough to want to spearhead that effort.

A photo of Sanskriti Deva Co-Founder, Activities & Outreach of Eclect

Sanskriti Deva

Co-Founder, Activities & Outreach

Hey there I’m Sanskriti! I’ve lived all over the world before I ended up here, in beautiful Charlotte, NC. I’m a 16 year old girl who loves using technology to make the world a better place. I also really like to paint, play the guitar, dance and swim. Before I had graduated the 5th grade I began hosting and running my own radio show, which over 10,000 people began listening to. I continued to show my love for technology when I used it for my award winning science fair project on time travel, in which I proved time travel into the future was possible mathematically. I was in the 8th grade.

A photo of Vietfu Tang Co-Founder, Developer of Eclect

Vietfu Tang

Co-Founder, Developer

Hello! My name is Vietfu and I am a co-founder, CDO, and software developer of Eclect. I was born in Charlotte, NC and have lived there for most of my life. I attended Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology for high school, where I began to pursue my interests in computer science under the IT Academy. It was there where I met Jumar, Boaty, and Sanskriti, and together, we created Eclect: a tech start-up looking to move the world forward one idea at a time.